Both Kangal Dog and Anatolian Shepherd are originated from Turkey. The fur on their throat is extra thick for their protection. Mentioned previously it causes the eyelid to roll inward and requires surgery. Kangal is the national dog of Turkey and its appearance is reflected on a Turkish postage stamp. Both are extremely protective guard dogs. She LOVES her 3 dogs; Chew Barka, Cooper & Nelson, and spends countless hours every day playing with them. Owner Experience - The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is an okay choice for new owners, but the Akbash Dog is strongly discouraged for new/inexperienced owners. Historically, the Anatolian Shepherd … An Anatolian Shepherd needs a good-sized yard to exercise in every day. In fact, the Kangal Shepherd Dog is protective while being gentle with small children and animals. The magnificent looking Kangal Shepherd Dog, a purebred Mastiff type dog, is often referred to as a sheep dog and hails from the Sivas province of Turkey. All rights reserved. They are great protectors of their flocks and people, but they are incredibly challenging to own. Feed your Anatolian Shepherd a measured amount twice a day and keep him from becoming overweight. This is a healthy breed without a lot of the issues that plaque other giant breeds. It is always a wise move to have a big dog like this trained and socialized, making him obedient and even more amicable than he already is. Kangal dog breed, otherwise known as Karabakh dog breed, Mastiff and sight hound breeds were used to create the Anatolian Shepherd breed. These ‘care’ tips can help you, particularly if you’re a first time dog owner -. Fresh, cool water should be within reach of your pet around the clock. This helped the cheetahs to stop attacking the livestock and prevented the farmers from wiping out the cheetah population by shooting them. Anatolian Shepherds are large, muscular guardians that were bred to defend livestock from predators, including wolves! Meanwhile, the American Kennel Club considers “Kangal” to be simply another name for the Anatolian Shepherd. The coat also sheds throughout the year, which isn’t a problem when Kangals are kept outside, but an indoor dog will get hair all over your home. Dog Breed Characteristics "Ki… If you have many acres and livestock to protect and you aren’t looking for a family dog who lives in the home with you, then both breeds will make great guardians. This is not a dog for everyone. Yet they have the long legs, agility and aloofness of the sight hounds that are also in their bloodline. These are working dogs who made their appearance in the UK in 1965. The Anatolian Shepherd has a thick undercoat to protect it from the elements while working outside. Therefore people in Turkey refers it as Kangal. Muscular, thin, their rib cage is large while their stomach is small. So, what are the differences between these two breeds? The Anatolian Shepherd is not a very friendly dog, especially to strangers. Your dog may then require veterinary intervention to heal him of any of these. As mentioned previously this is a very healthy breed especially when compared with other giant and/or mountain dog breeds. This breed is independent, stubborn and strong. You can read the KIF Kangal Standard here. They need a job to do. Their ears drop and are triangular in shape, while their muzzles are rectangular with tight lips. Obedience training is a must with this breed, and the dog requires a confident, dominant owner. This standard varies considerably to the Anatolian Shepherd Dog standard in size, colours, head structures, etc. The non-pure breed Kangal dogs have confused the similarity argument between the Anatolian Shepherd Dog and the Kangal breed, yet, it still doesn’t make the breeds the same. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Sivas Kangals Sivas Kangal Köpekleri Koyunları kurtlardan korurken, öğle yemeği saatinde kısa bir mola yemeği. Do not offer your ASD any additional training in protection. If the animal or child is part of his flock the ASD will protect them with his life. These are Kangal puppies not Anatolian Shepherds,but Kangal Dog was not on the list to choose a breed. We will provide information on the best Kangal puppies for sale prices, pet websites and reputed breeders at the present in the article below. They have different jobs. the Kangal Dog, to be one breed, the Anatolian Shepherd, however the true Turkish Kangal Dogs are said to be a separate breed from the generic Turkish shepherd's dog. Owner Experience - The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is an okay choice for new owners, but the Kangal Dog is strongly discouraged for new/inexperienced owners. Then they were crossed with dogs called Anatolian Shepherds. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs have lower than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. describe a dog in the Anatolian region … i want a kangal but i am not sure if i will be able to handel a dog that big so i heard that there is an anatolian shepherd wich is smaller. Treat him well and you're bound to have the most fantastic protector, guardian and friend. Our goal is to help you better understand your dog; however, the writing on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Since these are not wolves, there is a cultural selection as well. By the time your dog reaches his first birthday, one or two meals a day will be good. He is more agile and slenderer than those two dogs. Which one is a better fit for your lifestyle? Our litter of UKC Purebred Kangal Dog... December 6, 2018. The outer coat is typically short and just requires weekly brushing. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs have lower than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. Coming from the mountains and guarding their flock against cheetahs has led the Anatolian Shepherd to be a muscular dog with broad heads and thick necks and sturdy, strong bodies. With its high speed and agility, it is able to run down a predator with great efficiency. The Kangal Dog is a distinct breed and the National Dog of Turkey. This breed is athletic and active, but they are not a high-energy dog. He is a fairly heavy, seasonal shedder. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. The Kangal dog is slightly taller than the Anatolian Shepherd and was bred to guard flocks of sheep from large predators such as wolves and bears. There are two terms that I am going to use. According to the United Kennel Club, the Kangal Dog is always a solid color, such as light dun, pale gold, or steel gray. $ 750 . Nevertheless, it is impossible not to see the variations or strains. Never let your Anatolian Shepherd believe that he is above the humans in the pack or you will have a major problem controlling him. Their double coat is thick and warm fitting for life in the mountain regions. The Kangal Dog is powerful and when he is alert, the long tail is held over the back, otherwise he holds it down with a slight curl. Caused by mites and a weakened immune system it can result in patches of scaly, red skin and hair loss. A large yard with a good fence will do for him as long as he gets a walk daily. This breed can become destructive if not given enough exercise, but it’s an extremely agile and strong dog, so it can do many different jobs. They make fantastic livestock guardians because they are intelligent enough to think for themselves. The Anatolian is a giant dog, classified as a shepherd by the UKC – Kennel Club of the United Kingdom, while he is classified as a mountain dog or molossus by the Federation Cynologique International. It also stated that dogs currently registered as Anatolian Shepherd Dogs may be eligible (where appropriate) to be recorded as Turkish Kangal Dogs instead. The Anatolian Shepherd is laid back and would make a great family dog with an experienced dog owner. Here’s how you can distinguish this unique canine from an Anatolian Shepherd: Their coats vary. Wanderlust potential of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is strong enough to escape from home. Grooming - The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is very easy to groom. As we said earlier, true Kangals come in only one coat color. Artifacts dating back to 2000 B.C. His very size size won't suit him living in the city in small spaces and tiny gardens. It also requires at least a 6-foot-high fence to keep it contained. Anatolian Shepherds may be easier to find in the U.S. because Kangals aren’t allowed to be exported from Turkey. Our mission is to create a better world for dogs and their owners. This Is an Ancient Breed. They are direct descendants of mastiffs and mountain dogs. The Kangal Dog can be a wonderful pet in your home, but because you’ve made the decision to bring him into your home, it becomes your responsibility to ensure his happiness and wellbeing. The Anatolian Shepard was already in the United States in when the Anatolian Shepard Club of America came into being because of a young naval officer who had met the dogs in Turkey. 00:22. cok sinirli adamci anadolu coban kopegi - very angry anatolian shepherd dog. The more active your dog is, the more she will need to eat. When she’s not nerding out on dogs, you’ll find her on a snowboard or in the kitchen baking chocolate brownies. Kangals need at least 45 minutes of exercise per day, preferably in a yard with several acres. Never walk them off leash as they love to wander. They key being “when they want to”. The Anatolian Shepherd is rugged, large, and very strong, with good sight and hearing that allow it to protect livestock. They are intelligent, loyal dogs who learn quickly when they want to. Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog and Central Asian Shepherd Livestock Guardian Dog breeder in Australia. Help keep your Kangal Dog looking groomed and cared for. The dog always has a black mask and ears. 10 hours ago. Height and Weight Males : 30-32 inches; 110-145 pounds Though they’re gentle with their family, the Kangal is quite powerful. Blue-Eyed Hybrid Puppies: Kangal Husky Shepherd Puppy - $1,250 *Puppies will have HEALTH CERTIFICATES including all shots and will be available to go to … The Kangal dog is the most famous of the Turkish sheepdog breeds. Kangals primarily bark to intimidate predators, and their barks are loud and booming. His keen sense of hearing and his excellent sight only add to his prowess as a protector. Kangal Dog may grow 9 cm / 4 inches higher than Anatolian Shepherd. This can be disturbing to neighbors, especially if you don’t have many acres to lessen the sound. During that time, they will need help removing all the dead hair with a good de-shedding tool. They can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour and have a bite force of 700 PSI, which is three times that of a Pitbull. What I mean by ecotype is an existing species created by natural selection and adapted to a particular habitat. Information and advice and puppies for sale. They are only recognized by the United Kennel Club. Their tails can be intact or docked. These dogs are ecotype dogs and their general structure is shaped by geographical conditions and by the culture of the people who bred them. The Anatolian Shepherd and the Kangal may look identical, but these two dog breeds have many differences. This breed has a short, dense double-coat to protect it from the elements while it works outside. Skin issues are more prevalent than dysplasia though it does occur. All the dogs in Turkey are related to each other; there are not sharp distinctions. Some Anatolians won’t even have a black mask. In fact, the government of Turkey recognizes them as separate breeds and the Kangal Dog as the National Dog of Turkey. Sometimes they even sound like a roar. These dogs are built for speed and vigilance. It is interesting to note that in June 2018 the Turkish Kennel Club, Köpek Irklari ve Kinoloji Federasyonu, classifies Kangal Shepherd Dogs to be the same population as the Anatolian Shepherd dog. This is for your own health's sake too. They do blow their coats with excessive shedding twice a year. By 1998 they had moved to the Working Group where they reside today. One is better at being a livestock guardian, while the other makes a fantastic family dog. does not intend to provide veterinary advice. The Kangal is also the National Dog of Turkey. Otherwise, an Anatolian Shepherd can be dangerous toward strange dogs and small animals. Kangal Dog may grow 9 cm / 4 inches higher than Anatolian Shepherd. This breed can be aggressive toward other animals. Visit this page and learn what makes the Boz Shepherd the best choice for a variety of situations and environments! The Anatolian Shepard is able to pursue and catch any predator that threatens his livestock and they are his livestock. Karabaş (Blackhead), Anatolian Blackhead (Anadolulu Karabaş), Kangal Coban Kopegi • Perro de pastor de Anatolia • Anatolischer Hirtenhund • Chien de berger d'Anatolie • Anatolian Shepard Dog or ASD, Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Responsive, Social, Territorial, Alert, Courageous, Detached, Independent, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Protective, Quiet, Stubborn, Territorial, Bernese Mountain Dog vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Newfoundland Dog vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Leonberger vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Alaunt vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Alangu Mastiff vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Pyrenean Mastiff vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Bisben vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Moscow Watchdog vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Spanish Mastiff vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, St. Bernard vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Kars Dog vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Moscow Water Dog vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Ciobanesc de Bucovina vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Great Dane vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, English Mastiff vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Neapolitan Mastiff vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Anatolian Shepherd vs American Mastiff - Breed Comparison, Anatolian Shepherd vs American Molossus - Breed Comparison, Anatolian Shepherd vs American Staghound - Breed Comparison, Bully Kutta vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Irish Wolfhound vs Anatolian Shepherd - Breed Comparison, Presa Canario vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Labrador Husky vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Mackenzie River Husky vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Pyredoodle vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Maremma Sheepdog vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Sarplaninac vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Himalayan Mastiff vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Mountain View Cur vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Native American Indian Dog vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Komondor vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Polish Tatra Sheepdog vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Rafeiro do Alentejo vs Kangal Dog - Breed Comparison, Kangal Dog vs Siberian Husky - Breed Comparison, Kangal Dog vs Rottweiler - Breed Comparison, Kangal Dog vs Doberman Pinscher - Breed Comparison, Kangal Dog vs Alaskan Malamute - Breed Comparison, Kangal Dog vs Bullmastiff - Breed Comparison, Kangal Dog vs Great Pyrenees - Breed Comparison, Kangal Dog vs Boerboel - Breed Comparison, Kangal Dog vs Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog - Breed Comparison, Kangal Dog vs Argentine Dogo - Breed Comparison. Many breeders believe that the Anatolian Shepherd is a category that includes the Kangal, Coban Kopegi, Aksaray Malaklisi and the Akbash dog. The Anatolian is considered to have a blood line that goes back at least 6000 years. Is the Kangal dog breed Turkish or Kurdish? Few designer breeds are more loyal, noble, and courageous than…, Designer dogs can come in every shape and size typical…, Are you looking for an independent and cheerful new best…. Please note that if … Your Kangal Dog is a big, powerful dog. Every dog needs a warm, dry, quiet place to rest and sleep, inside and outside. Both Kangal Dog and Anatolian Shepherd are having almost same weight. Kangals are dogs for guarding and protecting and they attack predators without orders while the Anatolian Shepherds are mostly watchdogs and will more often scout danger rather than attack predators. Anatolian Shepherds can come in lighter colors with some splotches and spots. Their bite is scissors or level, while their eyes are almonds, set apart in their heads. Looking at him, he has a Mastiff-like appearance but isn't as heavy as some Mastiff breeds, allowing it more speed and agility. Adding in some home-made food such as nutritious cooked chicken, rice and vegetables will be a treat for your pet and don’t forget some raw meat occasionally too. These intelligent dogs make great guardians, and they will protect everything from children to the family cat. Fun and games as well as daily walks will satisfy your Kangal Dog and keep him content. It’s a large dog breed at about 28 to 34 inches tall, weighing anywhere between 90 to 150 pounds. This breed does shed heavily twice a year when it loses its undercoat. They can jump high and dig out, so a 6-feet high fence and wire that extends underground are necessary to keep this dog contained. They were allowed into the Miscellaneous Class of the American Kennel Club in 1996 after this naval officer had been breeding them in California for years. Physically, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is much leaner than the heavy statured Kangal breed which is … Neither makes a good family dog. The name is Sivas Kangal in Turkey because the best of its kind comes from a town called Kangal in the city of Sivas in Turkey. In spite of his size, he is a calm, balanced, independent, protective dog. However, they are susceptible but not prone to: Should be tested for this condition in which the bones don’t fit well into the joint. Kangal Dogs have an average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. These dogs were bred to be independent and intelligent, and they will naturally guard and protect your livestock. The Kangal and Anatolian both have the same breed standard base, and that is the FCI 1989 Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed standard. We’ll explore the similarities and differences between the Anatolian Shepherd and the Kangal so you can choose the best one for you. If you want your Anatolian to get along with other dogs, cats or other animals, socialize them together when the ASD is a puppy. The average lifespan of … You can read more about this here. Therefore, supervise their interactions with children. In one recent survey the leading cause of death among the ASD is cancer and old age. This is definitely true of these two guys. The Kangal also came from Turkey and was bred around 700 A.D. They have a sensitivity to anesthesia and their immune system does take longer to mature so all young ASD should be discussed with vets before any vaccinations are given. Both the Anatolian Shepherd and Kangal are highly intelligent, independent, and superior livestock guardian dogs. The Anatolian Shepherd is a livestock guardian breed that originated in Turkey around 4,000 B.C. If not, you will need to take them to a dog park, preferable when other dogs are NOT present. Learn more about this breed! The UK Kennel Club now recognizes the Kangal and the Anatolian as the same breed. The breed is known for its strength, loyalty, and ability to defend its family and livestock at all costs. The Anatolian Shepard does have some controversy in his lineage as in some areas he is considered to be either the most closely related or the same breed as the Turkish Kangal Dog. Using treats in training is appropriate but don’t give her too many as these will add to the waist line. Though they look similar, the Kangal is the more gentle of the two. You can’t assume he will be ok with other dogs. This is most important if you don't intend your Kangal Dog becoming a parent, and is good for the health of your dog. However, if she understands that humans are above her and you are the leader, she will accept any person you accept. so i whent to the pet shop and i asked if they know a breeder in cyprus and they said a kangal and anatolian shepherd is the same breed. Many breeders believe that the Anatolian Shepherd is a category that includes the Kangal, Coban Kopegi, Aksaray Malaklisi and the Akbash dog.
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