Bougs are tough as can be but are big babies when it comes to their roots. You don’t want to prune them if there’s any danger of frost on the horizon. MariaMontgomery (author) from Central Florida, USA on July 17, 2020: Root rot is rare in bougainvillea, but it could be root rot caused by too much water. Alternatively, should I rip the whole lot out? Do Bougainvillea like bone meal fertilizer in order to encourage blooming? All were covered with beautiful leaves and brachts. I was wondering what you think about planting my Bougies against galvanized steel sheeting. Here’s a post on planting/transplanting a bougie: as well as an updated care: Nell. In my experiences with bougainvillea, they’re slow to go at 1st & then really start to take off after 3-5 years. Be sure & do it before August. Thanks! Hi Nell: A few years ago we moved from Southern California to a beautiful valley just east of Quito Ecuador. We are in Southern California. tried my best not to disturb the root coming out of each pot, but they each sustained some “scarring” as i shifted the pots around to complete my project. That said, there are plants that are more commonly recommended for feng shui applications, along with plants that can be challenging to use to bring in good energy. Or did they just turn brown or yellow, and fall off? The trunks are quite large, and I fear they are root bound. I just did an updated post on bougainvillea care: . Yes. Best bougainvilleas for pots and containers. Thank you First off, let me mention what a great site you have with tons of info! It gets some shade. Nell. Give them regular, deep waterings until they’re established. Here's the link to one entitled, "Why Won't My Bougainvillea Bloom?" I live in Texas, Tomball, Tx 77375 I believe zone 9 not sure if it is zone a or b, Anyway I planted my Bougainvillea about 6 months ago. Will this burn the plants in the extreme heat? 2. Any advice is appreciated. It has 26 established bougainvilleas. The root system could have been less developed than the others. Answer: Without more information, it is hard to say. Nell, Hi Barbara – The sap is slightly toxic but I don’t believe the thorns are. Information is quite vague online in this regards and its difficult for me to ascertain whether i am over or under watering them. Bougainvillea, like many plants, is slow to go but once it takes off, grows like crazy. Thank you for sharing Jason. I was considering using a colored corrugated steel for a better look. If so, why not just plant the bougainvillea next to the tree? If you've had a really hot summer, and not enough rain, you should probably be watering more. In the ground, they bloom only in dry areas like Arizona or Arizona, they refuse to bloom in humid area (like Houston, Tx)especially in rainy seasons. Heavy watering does not seem to help. Hi Nell from India…I loved your blog about bougs. It’s hard to say without knowing all the conditions. They are planted in the ground. Is this normal? My bougainvillea when it was first planted. Thanks, I encourage flowering with tip pruning. Nell. Hi Nancy – The dwarf/trailing Bougainvilleas make great ground covers. If the leaves have turned brown, it needs water and/or fertilizer. In my Santa Barbara garden I had a 19′ Bird of Paradise, a humungous Bougainvillea glabra and many other anchor plants so that didn’t come into play either. I have an indoor boug that I’ve managed to keep alive for a year now. If the top 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) is dry, the plant needs water. I have tried what I think to be everything. The darn thing has a heart of gold. Happy gardening & thanks for stopping by. It looked great in the shop but when I got it home all the pink petals have turned white and fallen off. The other half of the plant not many blossoms but leaves look healthy. I dig down in the soil around it to try and ascertain if it is damp enough. Does the white variety not do well in the AZ summers? I’ve never fertilized bougainvilleas but I have composted them. Make sure your bougainvillea is getting five hours of sunlight every day and gets plenty of water with good drainage. This winter was very mild for us but in colder years, more leaves have dropped off my plants & flowering hasn’t started as early. But very few of us know about the plants that should NOT be kept in … I’d like to train a B to grow up one of the big cedar posts about 12′ high and spread over the pergola. If so, please let me know, and I will research this for you. What is best–bring them in to a garage with lights or leave them outside and cover them if a freeze is expected? 1 or 2 nights of a light frost won’t harm them but anything more that could. I want to make some design changes to the porch and I don’t want to plan around a tree that will be dead in a couple of years and have to start over. Would a B grow that big in a pot, even a large one? Tracy Arizmendi from Northern Virginia on July 08, 2014: Great article! I bought an orange one but it turned red. Of course, I wasn’t there when he did it, so it was crooked and looked ridiculous, when he got done. MariaMontgomery (author) from Central Florida, USA on December 20, 2018: Bougainvillea typically stay true to color, unlike hydrangea which change with the pH of the soil. I will find another location for my bougainvilleas! James Walker is a popular one & grows to 20 -25’tall. I live in zone 7. Hope that helps, Nell. They are in the ground and I fertilize with the right stuff, but still nothing. Nell my magenta colored bougie has been in the ground 3 years. Some grow to 25-30′. Hi Sirena – I don’t know anyone who sells cut stems of bougainvillea because it’s not a long lasting cut flower. 14 years ago. The bougainvillea could get it but I’ve never seen either 1 of those pests infest bougies. I know exactly where Paso Robles is because I lived in Santa Barbara for 10 years. I did this with my Bougainvillea Barbara Karst. Thanks! Hello, I’m not sure what size pot you bought it in – 1 gallon, 5g or 15 g – so it’s hard to say. You can do this with your thumbnail or a small knife. When I bought it it had beautiful lavender blooms on it. Add in a good amount of compost & it’ll be happy. Now they are dying. Occasionally, they can be seen hanging from a tiny string of web, or on a leaf, boring into it. Good luck with your bougainvillea' happy_girl. Plant it in a well-drained or sandy soil. Now that’s an Edward Scissorhands at it’s finest! I pulled them all out thinking it would need mulch. They responded well over the years. Nell, Hi David – I wouldn’t have thought that a vigorous bougainvillea at the base of an oak (which I’m assuming is a Live Oak?) They thrive in places like Southern California, Spain,Greece, Hawaii, etc. Hope that helps, Nell. Please help? My question is : should I take it out of the basket first or plant it as is? Still in the 10″ish pot I bought it in. Unfortunately, getting it on these trellises required pruning. As far as I can tell there are 2 one meter sucker trees (growing in a really awkward spot), 3 smaller trees which have been cut back at some time and 3 original trees which are full of spines and are rampant. Basically a living fence to replace an ugly, dilapidated wooden fence that is falling down. I've met John Hazzard and he's very nice. Is there anything I can do to help it or repair the damage and or encourage it to keep growing? I have two variegated bougs in pots. How should I care for them over the winter? Vibrantly coloured bracts of Bougainvillea brighten warm greenhouses and conservatory borders during the summer. Is this a good idea? About How long should it take for the tree to be covered with the bougainvillea? Attila, Hi Attila – It’ll work just fine if the soil around the tree trunk is workable. What can be wrong? I also bought way too many plants! You’ll see black droppings around the base of the plant. If you have poor drainage, that would be a good idea. They will need at least 6 hours of sun per day, and good drainage. Bougainvillea, even though it’s a very tough plant, has sensitive roots when it comes to planting. The best times are in between bloom cycles. To much water? Can I just break off the pot and clean the soil from the trunk and let it stay on the ground? Or, depending on you species/variety of bougainvillea, it could be going deciduous or semi-deciduous as a reaction to the cooler days & evenings. I have never seen bougs here in NC – Zone 7b. I fear this may be what has happened. It would be less frustrating to plant something that naturally makes a hedge. Do you mean hibiscus or bougainvillea? It works every time. They prefer infrequent, deep waterings after thy’ve established. They need good drainage and full sun. Yeah, if you click on my name (above, previous post) it actually links to the photos. Brought it inside, and was expecting it to go dormant. Answer: I recommend using regular potting soil. I’ll just let it gradually get used to full sun and see what happens next! Will my Bogie be happy even though I took off the planter pot? I’ve pruned & trained both of mine but it takes work so it can be done. Both bougainvillea & english ivy are vigorous growers so they’ll duke it out. In temps below 40, they’re semi-deciduous. I would say she poisoned it some time in June because by July 15 it was really getting to be droopy and the brachs were drying out. Thinking possibly of Asian jasmine vine or who knows. My Bougainvillea glabra didn’t get any water for 9 months last year & it’s lookin’ great. I just bought three of these beauties and am going to plant them next to a wire fence that was put up to contain my dog. Also, if you took it out of its grow pot to plant it, it takes longer to establish (if it doesn’t die – they don’t like to have their roots disturbed). Deep mulch (about 6 inches) is good except against the trunk of any plant or tree, where it should not be up against the trunk. Bougainvilleas are very tough & very versatile. I didn’t touch them all winter and I didn’t water them. Bougies can be slow to take off so give that 1 some time. I’ve found that they aren’t heavy feeders in regards to fertilizers, especially when in the ground, so go easy on that. Hope that helps! I will give you the website. I wasn’t sure how and when to prune it. Hi Nell, I’m so glad I found your post. I hope your bougainvillea perks up. It’ll probably go into adjustment mode when brought inside & cutting it back will up the ante on that. I’ve since moved south and in this part of the state, it’s seemingly everywhere. I will get married next year and I wanted to plant around 200 plants divided in pots and ground planting so I have enough to work with. We live in n. calif & have a lot of retaining walls in our backyard. Our neighbors Boug hangs over the side fence, and blows into our “addict” (chemical dependency problem) lol At least they are floaters. Without support, they just flop down & can become a sprawling low blob. The soil is gravel and sand. Leaves are dark green and full, how do I get them to flower rather? Should I string more? I have done all of this and the plant itself is very healthy looking and growing, but I still can’t get blooms. If you want to do that , please send it to Thanks! Description. that we have had this problem. What I will tell you is that established bougies can handle a cold spell much better than newly planted ones. They haven’t taken off. BT or neem oil sprays are what is recommended to keep infestations under control. Nell. Question: Would a vygie (lampranthus) in anyway hamper the growth of the bougainvillea? She lives in coastal Alabama. Nell. I cut back the stalks once a year. County, Ca. Check what’s available in your area. And pay attention to height because some of the taller varieties don’t get as tall as others. Click on the map for a larger view. : +30 26950 52359 - Fax: +30 26950 53031 Email: I have a question about my Bougainvillea. It take bougies a few years to really get going so you may have to help your bougies out by pruning away some of the ivy. Next year, it had stalks and few flowers, and now green stalks only. we are in Orange If you keep these “good luck” plants in just water, add some liquid fertilizer every month and avoid topping up with tap water but use filtered water or rainwater. Please help!!! Water deeply (how often will depend on the temps & what kind of soil you have it in) will establishing & then you can back off. My coffee is not overly strong, so I use it as is. Yes, bougainvillea will grow in pots in potting soil. My question is- when the cold weather and frosts come in Dec-Feb, should I bring the plant indoors?
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