One of the things I find frustrating is when people downplay the fun of Old Macdonald and the absolute perfection of Bandon Trails. There are a number of options that are pretty well described on the Bandon website. #3 Bandon Trails: We had glorious weather for this day but most caddies rank this course #2 behind Bandon. When is the best time to go to Bandon? How to get there, where to stay, what to expect and what you should not miss. Torrey Pines - South. The allure of Bandon is so hard to describe so perhaps some stories will help to illustrate it. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. It is about a 4 minute walk from the Inn or you can take the shuttle which runs throughout the resort on a regular basis. Playing the par-4 16th hole as the sun sets is one … I’ve done both a number of times and frankly, I prefer the flight to Eugene. After our final round we just threw our wet clothes and clubs in the box and left them at the front desk. Aside from the proper clothing I would also suggest stopping by the liquor store on your way in. display: none !important; Plus you can even order from the other restaurant and have it brought over, which we did while watching the Duke/Carolina hoops game. Unless you go between May and September you are going to have to fly into Portland or Eugene, Oregon. I am bummed I was not in the foursome that shared the whiskey but I guess that will be one more reason to return. It was my first experience using a caddie and really enjoyed learning from my caddie Kurt over the course of 4 days. Six distinctly different courses have been conceived in harmony with the natural environment. We ended up tipping him more but for an extra $40 each it was totally worth it. I thanked him for lugging me around the prior day in the rain. I’ve seen near aces with putters off the tee, have made a birdie myself by doing so (“nice two-putt!”) and it’s always entertaining to watch everyone give it a good smack and watch it roll down the runway to the green. As we made the turn, I was ready to claim Bandon over Pacific but with the god awful weather on the backside I am just not in a position to do that. (July 7, 2020: This post has been updated to include information on the fifth 18-hole course on Bandon property, the Sheep Ranch, with details and information that will help in planning a trip with a new course to play!) No matter when you go to Bandon Dunes you run the risk of wind and rain. }, The drivers are friendly and understanding, the drinks are included in the price and it’s roomy enough for however many guests you are bringing with you to Bandon. Looking forward to our return trip in 2020. Across the street from Tony’s is the Arcade (known locally as the caddie bar), which is open until 2 AM and has pool tables, darts, and some great shirts/sweatshirts to toss in with all the stuff you buy from the resort. Somehow the Pacific Ocean is an entirely different beast than the Atlantic Ocean, and with towering cliffs it provides one of the most stunning views in all of golf. Imagine if you gathered all of the world’s hardcore golfers for a weeklong conference with the sole purpose of designing a resort made just for them. Three Guys Golf is a golf blog that seeks to provide a unique perspective for fellow golfers. When all of the ideas had been spitballed and voted on and fretted over, the result would be a plan for a world class golf course with amazing views and a resort that offered everything we want and none of the stuff we don’t. There are plenty of holes to par and we had about 2-3 birdies per round between the 8 of us. function() { I lean over to my buddy and tell him how special I am. Forecaddies cost $120 for the group (that includes gratuity). var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_75"); Initially we were not going to get caddies because none of us are high rollers. It can be a loose plan, but a plan nonetheless. In the end, we ended up switching to Portland. As a fellow Bandonista (been going there since it opened and spent a summer as a caddie), I think one of the great things about Bandon is that everyone takes something away from it differently. The most fun experience at Bandon Dunes? Please reload CAPTCHA.  =  Peter Millar Solid Stretch Jersey Polo - Bandon Dunes $85.00. God, I loved everything about this course. It’s crazy but the weather just does not ruin your adventure. Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club. ; Drag the green or yellow markers to measure yardage. You better have the main course or you’re wasting time and money. Enjoy! The pros of the North Bend option are simple and obvious; when you land, you’re 40 minutes from the Bandon Dunes gate. I suggest testing your gear with a hose and for a long time. 7. Bandon Dunes is true to the spirit of Scotland’s ancient links. Lots of talk of golf of course, with interesting discussions on many other topics — including a multiple day discussion of our all-time baseball all-star teams. Feel free to contact us for more information. Fortunately, Bethany quickly recognized us and one lucky son of a gun even got a hug and a hot cup of water to warm his hands. The Bandon Dunes | Pacific Coast Golf Guide is a(n) Charity golf tournament. }. Clearly they are made for dudes who will be tromping around in wet clothes and simply need a place to crash. ... As our friends at Streamsong Golf Resort ramp up to the 2016 U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball Championship, we reflect back on last year's highlights. Golfing at Bandon Dunes is like taking a trip back to another century (and I don’t mean the Twentieth)! Obviously, we only stayed at the Inn but I did ask a few staff members where was the best place to stay. We played Pacific first in fairly decent weather. After one round Steve relayed a story from the day. Now, if you meet someone that hates on Bandon Trails, walk away, delete that person from your phone and vow to never speak to him/her again. It is located at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in the fine city of Bandon, OR. It’s as peaceful a golf experience as you will find in this country, and that stretch of holes from Nos. But, how about the food? Your first round of the day is going to range from 200-275. We stayed at the Inn which has double rooms at a very reasonable price. My goal here is simple: give you tips for your upcoming trip or convince you that it is a golf trip you must plan. The good news is that even in the worst weather (and I think we had two of the worst back to back days in a long time), Bandon Dunes is glorious and more fun than any course I have played. The best rotations for golf courses should go like this; morning rounds on Old Macdonald and Pacific Dunes, afternoon rounds on Bandon Trails and Bandon Dunes. The ingenious and inventive player is rewarded with multiple options … Price wise it ended up a bargain. We did get our links weather — we played in rain, wind, hail, and not be left out — a little bit of sunshine. 1.5 hours later we came back with ear to ear grins. 6. greens and fairways is less important than the vibe you get. From my own perspective, on the morning of our final round I showed up at Bandon Trails to meet my Caddie, Todd, who had caddied for me the last two rounds. Designer: David McLay Kidd in 1999 Cost: $75.00 - $220.00 ($55/bag for a caddy) Click for current rates Phone Number: (888) 345-6008 Course Website: Official Website - Visit Bandon Dunes's official website by clicking on the link provided. Since landing in North Bend back in April of 2012, I’ve been observing and noting things that make an experience at Bandon Dunes the best and things that maybe you should avoid when trekking to the west coast of Oregon. The prices are significantly discounted and you have a good chance for decent weather. The easy and obvious answer is anytime in the summer, but I’ve been in September, October, and November and had great days and mediocre weather days each time. Great story on Bandon, thanks! Schedule a late-afternoon round at Bandon Dunes. Florida Golf Courses . If you can almost afford it then get your own caddie (and get your cheap buddies to chip in since he will end up helping them too). As an idyllic place to stay and play golf it has only two peers—the Monterrey Peninsula and the town of St. Andrews.” Golf Odyssey: “It is here, on this remote stretch of the wildly stunning Oregon coast, where the finest golf courses in the whole world quietly await you.” But while Bandon Dunes’ impact on the area has been substantial to say the least, rest assured, this town is more than just golf for those who come to … When all of the ideas had been spitballed and voted on and fretted over, the result would be a plan for a world class golf course with amazing views and a resort that offered everything we want and none of the stuff we don’t. Everyone will tell you that the drive to Portland is a 6 hour nightmare which is totally wrong. Top notch, top notch. I am a 9 handicap and shoot low 80’s most rounds. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort Bandon Dunes Coffee Table Book - Collector's Edition (Limited edition of 500) $250.00. Given the distance we traveled it was absolutely worth it. Look, get a forecaddie at a minimum (just do it!). I don’t care how you do it or how many holes you have to play in a day, but going to Bandon Dunes and skipping a golf course is like going to a five-star restaurant and only have apps and ‘zerts (shoutout Tom Haverford). If that doesn’t work with your schedule, make a Preserve/Trails day your easy day during the middle of the trip. When you play in a solid rain for 4 hours you’d better be prepared. If you need transportation to/from any of the airports, I suggest using Aviation Transportation. The first thing I’ll say seems simple enough, but I hear from a lot of people on social media something different so I wanted to get this point out first; play all the golf courses. Trails, in my opinion, is the best 18 holes on the property. We are splitting hairs on this one. Given my recent 4 day trip with 7 dudes, I would tell you that Bandon Dunes has nailed the epic golf trip in every way. There is no right or wrong list of the courses. Absolutely not. Due to additional statewide requirements mandated by Governor Kate Brown: All guests, ages 5 and up, must wear masks while inside any building on property, and outdoors when 6 feet of physical distancing is not possible.Exceptions include when occupying your private room. Need Help? ; Click + to zoom the green complex.  ×  For a big fuddy duddy company FootJoy is surprisingly funny. I think Sheep is a good course to couple with one of the tougher of the courses because Sheep is the easiest course on property (that is, if the winds aren’t howling 30-40 MPH), so it’s nice to get in a good score before taking on Pacific of Trails. Congratulations to … I get asked about dates a lot. Bandon Dunes is the perfect golf destination. Oh Jesus. We had one amazing day of sunshine, two of cold and medium rain and two in cold and hard rain. Three Guys Golf Blog was founded by Adam, Matt and Wade but also has regular contributing writers as well. Obviously, sun and no wind was the best day but I can tell you with a straight face that not a single dude came off the 18th green without a smile and a story on any day.
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